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Airinum’s vision is to empower individuals to breathe clean air by offering innovative products that intersect functionality and design, catered to urban citizens all over the world. 

Morphee imagines and designs disconnected products that profoundly improve the well-being of its users through meditation. 
Steamery’s mission is to inspire and educate people to take better care of their clothes in order to make them last longer. By creating smart, minimalistic and modern clothing care products, the founders believe this will forever change the way we treat our clothes. 

Creators of the world’s original water massage system that easily relieves eye fatigue, and all discomfort within minutes.

Ostrichpillow believes in enabling contemporary Self-Care through products that help you become the best version of yourself.
Exclusively Distributed in Singapore and Malaysia by Lamch & Co.

Aurabeat’s research team successfully developed silver ion patented disinfection technology in 2020, which can effectively reduce viruses in the air, including COVID-19, and greatly reduce the risk of secondary infections.

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